Configuration Software

Configuration Software for RediGate Series

Default Configurations

RediGate 100 Series

Local serial port to Ethernet or cellular:
110E-00-00 Default Config (Ethernet)
110C-10-00 Default Config (Verizon)
110C-22-00 Default Config (GSM)
110C-30-00 Default Config (CAT-M1)
Local Ethernet port to Ethernet or cellular:
120E-00-00 Default Config (Ethernet)
120C-10-00 Default Config (Verizon)
120E-22-00 Default Config (GSM)
120E-30-00 Default Config (CAT-M1)

RediGate 400 Series

4 Serial, 4 Ethernet, with optional cellular:
RG-400e-00-00 Default Config (no cell)
RG-400c-10-00 Default Config (Verizon cell)
RG-400c-22-00 Default Config (GSM cell)

Drivers and Firmware

Windows USB Driver for RediGate 100 Series
Firmware (Tarballs)